You are a loner, more comfortable in the silent company of a loyal animal friend than among people, who are complicated and unpredictable. You see things in the world around you that most others miss, and possess a seemingly supernatural ability to train animals of all kinds.

Beastfriends are almost always people who come from the barbaric or savage cultures of Thule. Learning how to tame (or at least befriend) wild animals takes many years of observation and a keen understanding of the world they live in, and those born in civilization simply don’t have the opportunity. Most human beastfriends come from the Dhari or Kalay
tribes—the Lomari are too civilized, and the Nimothans view the natural world as a foe to be conquered.


SKILLS: Animal Handling, Survival

  • Animal Rapport – At 1st level you can use the Animal Handling skill to influence both domesticated and wild animals. In general, you can only guide wild animals toward behavior they might normally exhibit anyway. For example, a successful check might convince a predator to head off in search of easier prey, convince a territorial beast such as a muskox
    to ignore an intrusion instead of charging, or drive herd animals away from danger. If the wild animal is undecided, the DC of the check is 10. If the animal is committed to the behavior you are trying to change, the DC is 20. If you are dealing with a number of
    creatures at once (for example, a herd or pack), the DC increases by 5.
  • Deep Rapport – At 6th level when you use the Animal Handling skill, you charm the animal if you succeed. It remains charmed for 24 hours, until you dismiss it or charm a different animal, or until you or one of your companions harms it.
  • Animal Companion – At 10th level you gain a loyal servant in the form of a wolf, panther, raptor, or similar animal. This functions like the ranger’s beast companion feature except that you can also choose a Large animal suitable for use as a mount (for example, a riding horse, warhorse, dire wolf, Thulean elk, or giant lizard). Your effective ranger level is equal to
    your character level –4. If you are a ranger with a beast companion, you keep your existing companion, but add 2 to your effective level for determining your companion’s stats.



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