Whether you’re a professional mercenary with a careful eye for the odds or a bored barbarian looking for adventure, you keep your sword loose in the scabbard and your coinpurse where you can see it. You’re ambitious, resourceful, and pragmatic—all the gold in the world is worthless to a dead man. Above all, you are a great believer in the power of opportunity. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you never stop looking for your next big chance. If it involves making enemies or breaking laws, so be it.

Fighting skill is the stock in trade of the freeblade – anyone following this path must be handy with weapons and willing to fight for pay. Freeblades come from almost any culture or background. Some are wandering barbarians, some are desperate street thugs trying to get ahead, and a few are highborn swordsmen or swordswomen forced by family circumstances to carve out their own place in the world.


SKILLS: Intimidation, Athletics
LANGUAGES: Choose one from: High Atlantean, Dhari, Kalayan, Lomari, Nimothan, or Urgan

  • Opportunist – At 1st level when you make an opportunity attack, you gain tactical advantage.
    Instead of making an opportunity attack, you can use a combat reaction to move up to your speed.
  • Sellsword – At 6th level whenever you are paid gold for your services, you get 50% more gold. In addition, you gain tactical advantage on skill checks made to interact with mercenaries or other soldiers for hire.
  • Company of Blades – At 10th level you have worked for, with, and against many other sellswords and earned their respect. You now have a company of elite warriors at your call The warriors of your company are equivalent to berserkers or legionaries; you can
    choose which you prefer. When you reach 15th level, they improve to veterans. You decide whether your company is a band of outlaws, soldiers, mercenaries or something in between. You also may choose a base of operations, such as a hall in a city-state, a watchtower on a road, or a hidden cave near a trade route.



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