You are a seer and fortune-teller whose ability to predict future events is uncanny. Astrology, dream interpretation, casting runes, and other such arts are all held in high regard in superstitious Thule, and your talent attracts the attention of many people.


SKILLS: Insight, Religion


  • Foretelling – At 1st level you can perform a foretelling for one ally within 30 feet. Roll d20 twice and record results. You can substitute one of these d20 rolls for a d20 roll made by the target ally OR made by an enemy attacking a target ally. You can create one foretelling per day and substitute up to 2 d20s per foretelling.
  • Hear Sooth – At 6th level you have gained a reputation as a powerful soothsayer. When interacting with nobles, merchants and other potential patrons, you gain advantage on all interaction rolls. In addition, you gain a moderate income from wealthy patrons seeking your counsel.
  • Prophecy Revealed – At 10th level and each level above, you gain a special insight into and important situation or challenge you face by recognizing the signs of old prophecies coming true or discerning the meaning of a powerful omen. If the GM determines there is no information to be gleaned, you do NOT expend the use of this ability. This can be used ONCE per level.



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