• +2 and +1 in Strength and Intelligence. Player choice on which order.
  • Size – Medium
  • Normal Speed
  • Broad Education +1 Language, + 1 any skill
  • Headstrong advantage vs fear
  • Wealthy +375gp
  • Languages – Low Atlantean, High Atlantean.



A dying race, Atlanteans were once the most advanced and powerful people to be found anywhere on the Earth. The great empire of Atlantis was fabulously rich, and Atlantean magic and technology made the island empire a realm of marvels in an otherwise brutal and rimitive age. But a little more than three hundred years ago, Atlantis was destroyed in a terrible cataclysm. Nine out of ten Atlanteans were erased from existence in a single day, breaking the worldwide dominance of the Atlantean race.

While the vast majority of Atlanteans died with their empire, some survived the destruction. The Atlanteans were a race of far-traveling mariners, and thousands of sailors and merchants were far from Atlantis on the day of doom. They were also conquerors and colonizers who controlled vast domains on the continents surrounding the Atlantean Ocean, and thousands more Atlanteans lived in these overseas possessions. The Atlanteans of the current day are descended from these travelers and colonists.

Atlanteans have lost much of their vast lore and advanced technology, but they are still a powerful force for good or evil in the world. Proud, audacious, self-reliant, and industrious, they work to preserve the fading glory of Atlantis and recover what they can of its lost sciences and arts. Some Atlanteans use this lore to guide (or dominate) the less-advanced peoples around them, hoping to rebuild Atlantis in a new home. Others recognize that the time of Atlantis has passed, and work to pass its knowledge to younger civilizations where it may do great good.


Atlanteans are fully human, and possess a human range of builds, body types, and features. They form a distinct ethnicity, and can be identified as Atlantean at a glance. They are a tall and handsome people in general, and many Atlanteans are natural athletes. Their skin color ranges from a light copper hue to a deep bronze, their hair is usually dark brown or raven-black, and their features tend to be fine. Their most notable features are light-colored eyes in hues that are rare among other humans: gray, green, an icy pale blue, or even a bright gold. The contrast between the light-colored eyes and the copper or bronze complexion is often quite striking. Back


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