Equipment info

Unless stated otherwise, you can assume that any metallic armour your character encounters is made from bronze scales, rings, or plates, and that any metallic weapon your character finds is likewise made of bronze. Since the great majority of Thule’s warriors are armed and armoured in bronze, there is no special penalty or bonus in most combat situations.


Some more advanced weapons and types of armor simply haven’t been invented yet in the age of Thule. Check with your GM before you select any of the items listed below for your character.

Restricted Weapons: Axe, orc double; crossbow, heavy; crossbow, repeating; curve blade, elven; guisarme;hammer, gnome hooked; ranseur; rapier; sling staff, halfling; starknife; urgrosh, dwarven.

Restricted Armor: Full plate; half-plate.



Equipment info

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