Humans, Kalay


  • +1 in ALL ability Scores
  • Size – Medium
  • Normal Speed
  • Languages – Low Atlantean, Kalay



  • +1 2 different Ability Scores of Player’s choice
  • Gain Proficiency in 1 skill of Player’s choice
  • Gain 1 Feat of Player’s choice
  • Size – Medium
  • Normal Speed
  • Languages – Low Atlantean, Kalay.


Most numerous of Thule’s peoples, the Kalays were the last of the major tribal groups to migrate to Thule in the time of the continent’s population by humans. They are the dominant race of the Kalayan Sea region as well as the Lands of the Long Shadow. Most Kalays are civilized, but some are barbarians, especially those who live in the shadow of the northern glaciers. They form the majority of the population of cities such as Quodeth, Droum, Ikath, and (thanks to one far-wandering tribe of long ago) Akal-Amo on the island of Hellumar. No Kalay tribes can be truly said to be savages—virtually all Kalay settlements have at least some metalworking and simple writing.

As one of the more civilized races, Kalays are greatly concerned with manners and appearances. They are the most religious (or at least the most observant) of Thule’s peoples, and show their reverence for the gods by building grand temples and holding many festivals throughout the year. In conversation they tend to be circuitous and polite, avoiding offensive topics or confrontation. To more plain-spoken peoples such as Dhari or Nimothans, Kalays talk a lot and don’t say much.


Kalays are of short to medium height, and are often lightly built. They have dark hair, dark eyes with a distinct epicanthic fold, and a bronze or golden skin color. Men sometimes grow small beards, but a good number of Kalay men have little facial hair at all. Barbaric Kalays usually dress in furs and leathers, but civilized Kalays favor short, colorful tunics, belted at the waist, with bare arms and legs and a cloak or cape for warmth.


Humans, Kalay

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